WHY Clean & Fair?

Agriculture is the cause for most tropical deforestation in the world, as well as much of the greenhouse gas emissions generated every year by human activities. It is therefore critically important to maximize the yields of existing cropland, to ensure food security without driving more deforestation.

Making existing croplands more productive is one of the most direct ways to improve farmer livelihoods while controlling deforestation. That is why we support efficient and sustainable farm management to improve rural populations livelihoods, control deforestation, and face climate change.

We believe training farmers in efficient and sustainable farm management techniques is key to maintaining soil productivity and improving life conditions for farming communities.

Our certification model aims to foster a sustainable supply of real food that is grown, produced, manufactured, and traded in a way that is

  • fair for all members of the supply chain
  • healthy for both people and the environment

What makes us special is that we comply with the requirements of other current food certifications, but our simplified model is completely different, focusing on efficiency along the supply chain, and at NO COST to producers and farming communities.

We provide a simple and efficient alternative to expensive certification standards. Our model lowers the costs for all involved and allows farming communities to participate in international trading.

Our model provides transparency and traceability throughout the entire supply chain, granting credibility to providers and consumers, and allowing all parties to negotiate fair prices for sustainable goods.

We ensure that premiums collected by the sales of certified products are invested back in the communities, to create better capacities, reach higher standards, and support Clean & Fair practices.

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