What is Clean & Fair?

Clean & Fair was born to help create a future where 100% clean and fairly-traded foods are available to consumers at an affordable price, while supporting the farmers and communities develop a sustainable and fair business.

Clean & Fair is a simple and affordable certification model that monitors the life of foods from the ground to the shelf, providing guidelines that comply with all the requirements for clean foods while ensuring that the production and marketing processes are fair for all, and allowing consumers to trust the products they buy while helping create a better world.

Clean and Fair helps consumers to buy real foods that are free of agrochemicals, produced using the best sustainable practices available, paid at fair prices to the farmers while remaining affordable for the consumer

Our guidelines meet the standards of other clean, organic food / fair-trade certification programs, but we use a simplified system that makes it possible for most farmers to certify their products without the high costs and limitations of other certifications.

Our process is completely traceable and transparent, and the consumers can use Blockchain tools and indicators to verify our claims. In this way, they can check each step of the supply chain, from production to their plates, without relying only on organizational claims. Consumers can verify where the product was purchased, how it was processed, and be reassured that the farmers received a fair compensation.


Our products are guaranteed to be free of pesticides and harmful chemicals.

We monitor agricultural production and food-processing activities, to make sure that your food is free of harmful products that affect human health and have negative impacts on the environment.

Products that have already been granted organic or clean production seals need not be subjected to further monitoring.


We make sure the supply chain is fair, which means:

  • Fair prices to farmers
  • Fair trading practices
  • Fair prices to consumers

We strive to help farming communities achieve development while improving their interactions with the environment, to guarantee a sustainable future for all involved.

Unlike Fair Trade schemes, which determine where the premiums are invested, we ensure that the producers receive those premiums directly, to be invested according to their own priorities.

By reducing the number of steps involved in the certification process, we cut down on intermediaries and we can suggest prices to our retailers to ensure they do not overcharge consumers.

We also work with brands and retailers who wish to benefit the producer by granting premiums to be directly reinvested in the farming communities but cannot afford to cut on well established distribution steps, and thus cannot guarantee such low and controlled prices to the consumers. For those companies, we grant the certification Clean and Fair for the producer.


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